Reconnect With Yourself, Move Beyond What's Holding You Back and Start Living YOUR Life!

Intentional Life Creation Course

"I can't put into words the effect this course has had on me. Thank you so much, Jennifer - you have produced something incredibly special."


Is this you?

  • I don't really know who I am

  • I lost touch with myself

  • I live, but I don't LIVE

  • I don't feel like I'm on my path

  • I want to change my life but I don't know how

  • Fear is holding me back from making decisions

"I wish I had such a course available to me when I was in my twenties"


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After This Course

  • You are reconnected with yourself

  • Your have access to your inner wisdom to guide you through the rest of life

  • You have self-insight into what’s holding you back from changing your life

  • You freed yourself from your (subconscious) limiting beliefs

  • You know what is your next right move

Course Overview

  • Module 1 & 2: Introspection

    What do you want out of your transformation? What does your dream life look like? What are your personal desires? To truly change, you’ll have to be open and honest with yourself. Judgement-free introspection will be your main focus at this stage.

  • Module 3: Liberation

    What is it that’s holding you back? How can you stop repeating patterns of negative thoughts and events? How do you stop limiting yourself? During this stage, you’ll learn how to remove limiting beliefs from your life and ultimately liberate and unleash your heart’s desires.

  • Module 4: Creation

    How do you take your dream life and transform it into your reality? After developing your consciousness and tapping into your inner wisdom, intentional creation is your focus—learning to navigate when and how action is required to achieve your best life, at this stage and beyond!

  • 01

    Before we dive in

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  • 02

    Module One: The Helicopter View

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    • Module Foreword

    • Let's Take a Screenshot From Above

    • Your Five Year Future Image

  • 03

    Module Two: Get Into Alignment

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    • Module Foreword

    • Introspection Time: Asking The Big Questions

    • Follow Your Excitement Towards Alignment

    • Your Inner Guidance System: Finding Answers Within

    • 🎧Guided Meditation: Finding Answers Within

  • 04

    Module Three: Clear The Way

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    • Module Foreword

    • It is All About Energy

    • The Laws of The Universe And You

    • This is What is Holding You Back

    • Quick Fix: How to Clear Limiting Beliefs

    • 🎧Guided Meditation: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

  • 05

    Module Four: Create Your Dream Life With Intention

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    • Module Foreword

    • Introduction: The 8-Step Abundant Life Creation Model

    • Belief Hacking: Reprogram Yourself

    • Embody Your New Beliefs: Affirmations

    • Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

    • What Happens Between Visualization And Manifestation: The Work

    • Living in Flow vs. Inside a Closeout Wave

  • 06

    Bonus Material 🎉

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    • Bonus #1: Subconscious Lies

    • Bonus #2: How to Deal With Other People's Energy

    • Bonus #3: Affirmation Inspiration

    • Bonus #4: Your New Abundance Mindset

    • Bonus #5: A Life-Changing 3-Element Morning Routine

    • Bonus #6: Three More Manifestation Tips

    • Bonus #7: Three Ways to Raise Your Vibration Instantly

    • Some Final Words.

  • 07

    Questions & Answers 📩

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    • Q&A: You ask, I answer, we all share!

Exactly What You’re Getting

  • A 26-page digital course workbook, containing 15 exercises that focus on improving clarity and self-focus (fillable PDF)

  • The exclusive ‘8-step Abundant Life Creation Model’ explained—developed specifically for this course

  • 15 text classes focusing on psychology, spirituality, and science to present you with the tools to live your best life

  • Guided meditations for connecting with your true self, for clearing your limiting beliefs and more

  • Tons of recommendations for books, documentaries, interesting studies & more

  • Lifetime access to course content and the latest updates

Course Workbook

Sneak Preview

Hey you, I'm Jennifer!

I'm not going to lie, the past five years have been a wild ride. I learned that you only find YOUR path by walking it. My biggest challenge was to get rid of the limiting beliefs I had. Luckily, I successfully moved through the things that I had to master. I'm now living MY life, and I would love for you to be able to say the same. Not through trial and error, like I did, but by taking my short cut! ♡
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Allow me to save precious years of your life and take this course. Together, we go on a life-changing journey!

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  • I am a completely new to personal growth. Will this course be too advanced for me?

    No, this course is accessible at any level. The modules are designed simple, yet effective for everyone.

  • What is the pace of the course?

    The course is self-paced.


“I can't put into words the effect this course has had on me. From my first really meaningful meditative sessions to concepts that seem simple but have jolted my entire way of thinking, this course really has changed my life. It teaches you, in simple language and through a completely cohesive step-by-step layout, how to release the negativity from your life and harness the power of positive energy. The course is beautifully produced, with an interactive booklet that helps you to get entirely honest and focus on exactly what you want. This course is worth every penny. I already feel a fundamental change in myself and I am so excited to work on the numerous tips within it, in order to create the life I both want and deserve. Thank you so much, Jennifer - you really have produced something incredibly special here. ”

Bethany Jane

“This course provides valuable resources that will help you achieve the best version of yourself along with reaching your dream life. I loved going through the course with its storytelling tone - it makes everything more personal and relatable! If ever I am in a rut, I just go back to this course and it ALWAYS provides me that needed gentle push towards the right direction! ”

Krisy Kronicles

“Simple and effective course for all who are struggling with their career, relationships, lifestyle, or wealth. This course made me feel really really really good about myself, and the layout is so pretty. The exercises guided by the workbook helped me change my scarcity mindset into an abundant one. It made me self-aware of all aspects of my life, and I learned to trust and act on my gut instincts which I previously neglected for so long. I also love the name of the course, “Alignment Is The New Hustle.” It makes perfect sense because if you are not aligned with what you truly want in life, you will complain and be tired all the time, having little motivation and energy. I have seen significant positive changes in my mindset and life when I finished this course. Show yourself some love today by doing this course. ”

Terrence Li

Social proof: reviews

Jana Six

“I wasn't sure what to expect of this course but I was pleasantly surprised! The course really changed my mindset and I am already seeing and feeling the effects on my daily life.”

“I wasn't sure what to expect of this course but I was pleasantly surprised! The course really changed my mindset and I am already seeing and feeling the effects on my daily life.”

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