A Warm Welcome To Twenty Something Academy!

"Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?"

― Charles Bukowski

Is This You?

  • I'm not in touch with myself

  • I live, but I don't LIVE

  • I don't feel like I'm on my path

  • I want to change my life but I don't know how

  • Fear and insecurities are holding me back from making decisions

  • I want to become a powerful manifestor

  • I want to create my life with intention, from the inside out

  • I would love professional and experienced guidance during this important decade of my life

90 Days Access To

What's Included?

  • Four Audio Modules (180+ minutes)

    Including bonus material and two guided meditations (text version of the content available).

  • Weekly Live Intuitive Q&A

    Join every Thursday or watch the replay. The Q&A is like having a psychologist & intuitive life coach on tap for 90 days!

  • Workbook

    A 26-page digital workbook with 14 exercises (fillable PDF).

  • Monthly Moon Party

    Move with the energy of the moon. Each month, we hold a virtual new moon manifestation party!

  • Community

    Join the Twenty Something Community in a private FB Group. Here we connect with other course members and share our journey.

Program Overview

  • 01

    Before We Take Off

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    • Hey, Nice to Meet You 👋🏻

    • 📖 Download Your Academy Workbook

  • 02

    Module One: The Helicopter View

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    • Module Forword

    • Let's Take a Screenshot From Above

    • Your Five Year Future Image

  • 03

    Module Two: Get Into Alignment

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    • Module Foreword

    • Asking The Big Questions

    • Follow Your Excitement Towards Alignment

    • Your Inner Guidance System: Finding Answers Within

    • 🎧 Guided Meditation: Finding Answers Within

  • 04

    Module Three: Clear The Way

    Show Content
    • Module Foreword

    • It Is All About Energy

    • The Laws of The Universe And You

    • This is What is Holding You Back

    • Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

    • 🎧 Guided Meditation: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

  • 05

    Module Four: Create Your Dream Life With Intention

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    • Module Forword

    • Introduction: The 8-Step Intentional Life Creation Model

    • Belief Hacking: Reprogram Yourself

    • Embody Your New Beliefs: Affirmations

    • Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

    • What Happens Between Visualization And Manifestation: The Work

    • Living in Flow vs. Inside a Closeout Wave

    • Final Words.

  • 06

    Bonus Material 🎉

    Show Content
    • Bonus #1: Subconscious Lies

    • Bonus #2: How to Deal With Other People's Energy

    • Bonus #3: Affirmation Inspiration

    • Bonus #4: Your New Abundance Mindset

    • Bonus #5: A Life-Changing 3-Element Morning Routine

    • Bonus #6: Three More Manifestation Tips

    • Bonus #7: Three Ways to Raise Your Vibration Instantly

After This Academy

  • You have reconnected with your true self

  • You have started to trust on your inner guidance to guide you through life

  • You know how to free yourself from yourself from fears and limiting beliefs

  • You are more resilient and confident

  • You understand what it means to manifest from the soul and how to do it

  • You have adopted a morning routine that you can use to unlock your potential

  • You had a taste of what it's like to experience daily moments of magic

  • You know what is your next right move

  • You have met new friends

Watch Intro Video

New Moon Manifestation Party

Twenty Something Academy

Oh boy, where do I begin…

After my Masters, I slipped straight into a life full of confusion. I felt lost and I didn’t know who I was. My life was either “mehh” or “okay”, but never a lively “yayy!”. Deep down inside, I felt like I was living someone else’s plan. My soul was calling from change and freedom, but I had no freaking idea what to do or how to do it. Or maybe I did, but I was just too afraid. Sounds familiar?

They say you often teach what you struggled with the most. In my case, that is certainly true. Twenty Something Academy is the exact program I wish I had four years ago. It’s about essential knowledge of life and self that nobody teaches you in school. It’s also about how to turn your true desires into physical reality. Not by living from vision board to vision board, but by living in alignment with your true self.

I would love to invite you to go on a life-changing journey with me and fellow participants. I promise, you won't come out of this academy as the same person who walked in.

With love, Jennifer Willemsen
Psychologist, Intuitive Transformational Coach & Founder Wandertale

Academy Workbook

Sneak Preview

"I wish I had such a course available to me when I was in my twenties, as it would have propelled me into my true purpose long ago. This has been a huge game-changer for me. I was able to secure a promotion and dared to follow my true calling."  Serena, @shebelieved.shecould.soshedid

"I can't put into words the effect this course has had on me. It really has changed my life. It teaches you, in simple language and through a completely cohesive step-by-step layout, how to release the negativity from your life and harness the power of positive energy. This course is worth every penny. I already feel a fundamental change in myself and I am so excited to create the life I both want and deserve. Thank you so much, Jennifer - you really have produced something incredibly special here." — Bethany Jane, @adventureandanxiety

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